CF log 15/12/17 (Fri)

Getting another wod in before one week’s hiatus cos I’m flying to Japan for holiday! :D

Wasn’t too bad today.


20 front rack lunges (10L,10R) [(85#)]
5 wall walks (rx: 15ft HS walk)
20 back rack lunges
5 wall walks
20 front rack lunges


5 rounds –
15-cal row
30 air squats
7 C&J [(105#)]

Only 6 people today and all of us ended before 8am haha. Felt quite tired wodding though :P Back was feeling pretty achy! But it was an ok wod~


CF log 13/12/17 (Wed)

It’s getting harder to wake up for wod especially when I’m feeling aches in my body haha. I have no idea how I went almost everyday in the morning last time :P #signsofage

But… finally see my partner again today! First time this week hahaha.


10-1 HSPUs
Run 1 lap after every set


50 barbell “good mornings” [15kg]
50 GHR
50 back extensions


20 power snatch [(95#)]
20 burpee box jumps
20 OHS
20 burpee box jumps
20 squat snatch

Did the wod before strength/skill portion. It was ages since we did the GHRs and it was baaad. I took quite long to do the 50 haha. But other than that, wod today was not too bad! Was one of the slightly longer days too, but not as bad as yesterday.

CF log 12/12/17 (Tue)

Butt still achy but more squats today D:


7:00 EMOM 1 squat clean [46.8kg to 60.8kg]
6 x 2 paused (1-sec at knee) squat clean [46.8kg]
5 x 3 clean high pull [3x 51.8kg, 3x 55.8kg]

6 x 5 back squats [60.8kg to 2x 72.4kg]


50-cal bike
150 DUs – only did 125
100 GHD
150 DUs – no time to complete :P
1500m row

After the strength/skill, we only had 15min to complete the wod… which was crazy (at least to me). Cos there were soooo many DUs!! And DUs always slow me down >< So I just did 125 DUs for the first set of 150 and moved one… It was already 8am when I was still doing GHDs… and 815am by the time I completed the other movements sans last set of DUs haha.

CF log 11/12/17 (Mon)

Butt is surprisingly soooo sore from yesterday’s wod! Surprising cos I do front/back squats heavier than those 125# cleans but never felt my butt ache so bad before… but today… :P Feels good though; like I worked out well HAHA.


7:00 EMOM 1 squat snatch [37.5kg to 53.1kg]

6 x 2 paused (1-sec at knee) squat snatch [40kg to 44.1kg]
5 x 2 snatch grip deadlift [66.8kg]

6 x 5 front squat [3x 57.7kg, 3x 62.7kg]


12:00 alternate EMOM –
ME wall walk (rx: HS walk)
3 single arm DB OHS (change hands each min) [17.5kg]

Should have went heavier for the DB OHS! Tried the 20kg one on the last round and realised it was actually quite doable… :P

Butt got more achy throughout the day~ Thighs starting to ache too. Hopefully not too many squat movements tmr!!!

CF log 10/12/17 (Sun)

Weekends are for partner wods :D It used to be just Sat, but recently we increasingly get partner wods on Sundays too!


4 x 15 unbroken deadlifts [(155#)]

It was quite shag. Idk how I strung 20 at this weight for AFT 2 years ago…. At my last set today, I felt like I couldn’t breathe anymore LOL.


6 rounds with a partner (shared reps) –
10 squat cleans [(125#)]
20 pull-ups
50 DUs

Well, I only liked the cleans part of this workout hahaha. But after the deadlifts, even the cleans were hard to do. It was quite mental especially at the start when my arms and back were quite fatigued from the deadlifts! But as it went on and I warmed up I think it got a bit better? And quite happy I didn’t miss any reps~

The wod started out with 4 rounds… but as coach saw some of us doing it pretty quickly, she increased it to 5…. then finally 6 lol. Sharing reps with a partner made it more manageable hehe.

Went to toast box again after wod! This time with Anny too :D I played with Joey’s nanoblocks again hahaha. Build a ship from One Piece today! A toast box auntie saw us building it and was quite interested hahaha. She mentioned that she saw us building it yesterday morning too! Then she told us to bring more and build it again tmr HAHA. Cute la! We told her we had to work hahaha :P

CF log 09/12/17 (Sat)

Partner wod! Finished surprisingly quick though it looked like a long list of things to do on the board.

With a partner –

50-cal row
21 synchro burpees (reps not shared)
21 power snatch [(95#)]

40-cal row
18 synchro burpees (reps not shared)
18 power snatch

30-cal row
15 synchro burpees (reps not shared)
15 power snatch

20-cal row
9 synchro burpees (reps not shared)
9 power snatch

10-cal row
6 synchro burpees (reps not shared)
6 power snatch

Partnered Anny but she couldn’t do snatches cos of her shoulders; so she did cleans! Still split the reps as though she was doing snatches though haha. We finished in 28:30.

Went with Joey to toast box for breakfast and play with her nano blocks! Damn fun, I love building stuff LOL.

CF log 08/12/17 (Fri)

Backlogging this wod. Used quite a bit of weights so I actually forgot some of them… but shd be around there~ haha.


Every 1:30 for 5 sets –
1 power clean + 1 hang squat clean + 1 squat clean
[44.1kg to 57.7kg]

5:00 EMOM 1 squat clean [60.2kg to 65.2kg]

4 x 6 push press [46.6kg, 3x 44.1kg]

Dropped weight cos didn’t think can sustain 46kg for another 3 sets :P


3 rounds –
20 hang power clean [(85#)]
20 front squats
20 push press

Lats and shoulders were fried today. But I actually quite liked this wod; it was fun doing it though push presses got harder and harder haha! Anny and I shared a bar and I think we took about 20min (25 max la, i honestly can’t rmb lol)? And for the first time in a long time I got a bit of abrasion on my collar bones cos of the high reps for cleans.

CF log 06/12/17 (Wed)

Today’s wod was pretty diff! Quite happy I woke up for it haha. No barbells at all today~ It was kinda like 2 short wods.


10-1 HSPU
Run 1 lap after each set


3:00 AMRAP –
Cal bike
(didn’t finish 1 round; did up to 5 out of 9 burpees)

3:00 rest

4:00 AMRAP –
Cal bike
(1 round + up to 2 out of 6 cal bike)

3:00 rest

5:00 AMRAP –
Cal bike
(1 round + up to 2/3 out of 9 cal bike)


5 rounds –
Sandbag run [100#]
5 sandbag throw (over shoulder)
15-cal row

The sandbag run became more like a walk. It was quite fun doing this sandbag (more like a ‘sandball’ haha) wod once I got the hang of carrying and throwing the sandbag! It was supposed to be 8 rounds, but after coach saw most of us dying and time running out, she reduced to 5 haha.

CF log 05/12/17 (Tue)

Back at wod after a day of rest post #scsm2017 with the fam haha. All of us ran 21km! :D My mum wants it as an annual fam run lol.

My left calf still feels “knotted” – more like a cramp than an ache. But… cramps don’t last so long right :/

Still went for wod anyway!


7:00 EMOM 1 squat snatch [35kg to 49.1kg, 53.1kg missed]

6 x 2 paused (1-sec at knee) squat snatch [35kg to 2x 44.1kg]
5 x 2 snatch grip deadlift [2x 66.8kg. 3x 71.8kg]

6:00 EMOM 5 front squat [3x 55.8kg, 3x 60.8kg]


2 rounds –
20 DB snatch (10L,10R) [(22.5kg)]
20 TTB
20 box jumps
15-cal bike

Took about 20min. Was debating whether to do 20kg DBs or rx lol. Cos my shoulders were quite tired from snatches already :P But since it was just 2 rounds, decided to go for it and… no regrets! :D

CF log 01/12/17 (Fri)

Woke up tired, hungry, but feeling a little bloated. Still decided to drag myself outta bed and head to hub~

Regretted a little when I saw the workouts for today LOL. Esp the wod cos they consisted of movements I did not enjoy too much D:


5 sets –
1 push press + 2 push jerk + 3 split jerk [35kg, 4x 40kg]

5:00 EMOM –
6 hang squat clean + 2 push jerks [35kg]
5 hang squat clean + 3 push jerks [35kg]
4 hang squat clean + 4 push jerks [37.5kg]
3 hang squat clean + 5 push jerks [37.5kg]
2 hang squat clean + 6 push jerks [37.5kg]


2 rounds –
19-cal bike
87 DUs
3 rope climbs

End with 1200m row

I was already sad when I saw DUs. Worse when I saw rope climbs cos I did not bring my knee sleeves – I don’t bring them on weekdays cos it’s a diff bag but maybe I should dump one in my work bag now hmm. Borrowed a knee sleeve from coach~

Most of use finished the wod before 8! I think I was done around 7.50am :) Super shag while doing cos of the DUs and row T_T But otherwise pretty manageable wod!