Starting a new school semester!

School’s gonna start again next week and bidding begun last Friday. This sem, I got preallocated 3 out of 5 modules –

Advanced abnormal psychology
Social psychology: Theories and methods (dropped)
Neuroscience of memory (dropped)

My 2 ideal modules for the next sem are Advanced abnormal psychology and Social psychology of the unconscious. So I bidded for the latter. I reconsidered the unconsciousness module because it was social psych, which I didn’t do very well in. Also, there is no final exam, so the “finals” is actually a report where you have to come up with your own research topic and write out methods etc. Hence I did consider taking Neuroscience of memory, but the assessment was a bit too daunting. I thought of cognitive neuroscience too, but I rejected it for a similar reason (it’s not prof hon next sem anymore).

Bidding results are out! And I got the unconsciousness module :D YAY. Prof’s supposedly not too bad. At least my HT prof knows who he is (I actually thought it was a female prof for that module based on the name!), and when I asked if he was good, my prof said he’s not bad haha. But then again, why would you tell your student that a prof is not good?

Anyway the last sem of bidding was a breeze because I only bidded for one module and I could dump all my points in. I didn’t, but almost did. And even though it was “almost”, it was already a whole lot of points! I am really rich for a psychology major :D Just let me be proud of this:

Look at my P account!!! 4028 points for me to dump in hahahaha. And well, I must admit I contributed to pushing up the minimum bid from the 601 seen to a 614 during open bidding :P But it’s not just me ok, the winning bid eventually was >700 points! Yeah, during the open bidding I put in just one point less than the maximum. So… 3049 haha, with 900+ left to spare. I intended to dump them all in (and increase min winning bid oops, unintended) during the closed bidding, but I was meeting HT prof for discussion so had to time to do that haha. Ok that’s all for my story on the last bidding in NUS! Bitterweet haha. (Really, I don’t hate bidding as much as many other people do.)


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