Chocolate chiffon cake!

Woohoooo! Finally got to bake again after my apple pie. Wanted to bake yesterday but I had some school work issues to settle. It really stressed me out! So much so I HAD to do my work instead of bake D: Oh well, but I baked today! A chocolate chiffon cake :D Spent some time last night looking for a good recipe, and I think the one I used was pretty good (with some proposed changes I shall mention later in this post)! Nevertheless, the cake turned out soft and moist – fluffy too – just like how my ideal chiffon cake should be :)

Loving how it looks so spongey! :D

So anyway, I got the recipe after performing a search on “chocolate chiffon cake” on pinterest because I see some really nice chiffon cake pictures every now and then. Found a recipe by sweetsandloves that seemed fairly simple, plus I had all the ingredients on hand, so why not! And so began my baking adventure…

Ingredients (yields 21cm chiffon cake):


50g cake flour
30g cocoa powder
5 egg yolks
20g castor sugar
70g water
60g vegetable oil


5 egg whites
90g castor sugar
10g corn flour

  1. Preheat oven to 160 degrees Celsius. 
  2. (Ingredients A) Combine egg yolks and sugar in a medium bowl and mix well. Add water and oil and mix till incorporated. Add in flour and cocoa powder. Blend well and set aside.
  3. (Ingredients B) Combine sugar and corn flour. Beat the egg whites till foamy. Gradually add half the sugar and corn flour and continue beating for a few minutes. Add the remaining sugar and corn flour and beat till stiff peak form.
  4. Spoon out one-third of the meringue and gradually fold into the egg yolk mixture, taking care not to deflate the egg whites too much. When it’s well-blended, pour the mixture into the remaining meringue and fold in gently, making sure that all the egg whites are incorporated into the mixture.
  5. Pour the batter into an ungreased chiffon cake pan. Bake for 45-50 minutes before removing from the oven and turning it upside down to cool. Slice and serve.
After the taste-test, I realised that the cocoa powder taste may have been a little too strong, and the sweetness was not chocolate-y enough. Looking back at the recipe, mayyyyybe (just maybe) adding some vanilla essence/extract (~1 tsp) and a little salt (~1/2 tsp) could have brought out the chocolate taste more? I’m still pretty new to playing around with ingredients, so just guessing! Maybe I’ll try it one day. It is definitely a recipe I’m willing to use again though, because of the really nice texture it gave me :)
My experience baking this cake was really smooth-sailing till toward the end. Really, the cake was perfect to me until the cooling process. As with all chiffon cakes, a regular ungreased pan (i.e. does not have non-stick properties) has to be used so the cake can “climb” the walls of the pan when it rises in the oven. After being taken out of the oven, the cake also has to be cooled upside-down so that it wouldn’t sink – this is really where the pan matters. BUT I did not use a regular pan because I didn’t have one! The last time I baked a pandan chiffon cake (admittedly less successful), I used the same non-stick pan as this time and the cake held in the tin. This time, NO. A few minutes into the upside-down cooling process, my whole cake fell out of the tin! So yes, it broke into 3 pieces :( I tried to salvage it and get nice slices out of the broken cake, but I couldn’t. The pictures from the post are really the prettiest slices taken at appropriate angles and showing the good sides of the cake haha.
Well, I am still really proud of what I’ve done :) Especially texture-wise! I’m looking forward to baking more chiffon cakes now! :D
Just a final note, these cakes taste better when they are COMPLETELY cooled (I think like all other chiffon cakes). Otherwise, they may be too soft, both for cutting and picking up – so they may feel like they’re crumbling. When cooled, it’s firmer and better enjoyed that way! :) I found my chiffon cake to taste better the day after baking it :)

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