Ice art museum

This is a little late, but just a quick post about my trip to ice art museum with my favourite people! :D I already uploaded the pictures I have that day onto facebook, but still gonna put a few here anyway.

I went there with my favourite people – my bestest friends and boyfriend :) It was so nice that we could all hang out together, like finally! Haha. My friends have never gone out with me and the bf before.

Met up for lunch first before the museum. Ate at Au Chocolat in MBS!

it’s a lil blur, but group shot!! :D I really like this pic hehe.

Then we headed to the ice museum! It’s actually just opposite MBS, but my googlemaps screwed up and we walked quite a distance toward marina mandarin hotel, only to find that we seemed to be going in the wrong direction. I mean, how could the nearest MRT station be Bayfront if the museum was around marina mandarin hotel?! In the end, we took a train back to Bayfront station, and found that it was JUST outside the exit -.-

We all managed to get the student price for entry tics! Only $22, even cheaper than a regular child ticket :D Plus the $5 for jacket rentals. Besties and I got pink jackets! And bf said we looked like three little pigs :P When we took pictures… ok, fine, we did look like little pigs. But cute ones!!! Hehehe ^^

This is a super pretty colourful picture we took around the entrance :) Love the colours!

As we walked we kinda got colder. And besties wore flats! So their feet started to feel cold after a while. Though I was in boots, I was getting cold feet too, literally haha.

Here at the Big Ben was where I thought we really looked like three little pigs cos we’re so pink! Hahaha. FYI, we actually requested for the pink jackets. They wanted to give us the red ones that I see in almost all the photos of people going to this exhibition haha.

I took pictures with the bf too! He was in blueeee. I think the blue jackets must be the guys’ sizing!

Favourite picture here!! With the Eiffel tower sculpture that really everyyyyyone takes with.

So after the picture taking, we headed toward the end of the row to the slides :D Ice slides!! I did not know there was one with a float before coming. All of us tried the float and normal slide version. Took vids, but I won’t put them up. It’s a little embarrassing teehee (⌒_⌒;)

After the slides, besties got too cold, and really made a quick exit out of the place hahahah! While the bf and I took a little more pictures before leaving.

All in all, we spent about an hour or only slightly more in there. It was really cold at sub-zero temperature of -15c! Really gotta be dressed prepared for it!

Wanted to take a look at the ice bar after that, but had to pay for a drink to get in. So we decided not to and just sat outside the place at some random table and chairs to chat for a while before we left.

T’was a really fun day out for me, though we did not spend super long :)


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