The Living Cafe

Last night was a good time out with some of my crossfit girlfriends :) Went for dinner at The Living Cafe, which sold awesome healthy food! Raw treats, no sugar, and they use coconut oil and stuff. I won’t be all cliched and say that “it’s so good, you’d never know it’s healthy!” Honestly, I think there IS a difference in the taste of healthy food as compared to the usual butter/oil/sugar/fat-laden treats. Maybe with the exception of chocolate… which I will talk about later! ^^

Two of us ordered the Nori Rolls with Smoked Salmon ($13.9), while the other two of us ordered the Rice Bowl with Grilled Barramundi ($17). I ordered the rolls. I must say, they looked better than they tasted (oops). And I thought the rice bowl looked better! It was served in those Chinese looking clay (or porcelain?) pots with the handle, and comes with pesto (or salsa) and some liquid sauce which till now I don’t know what it is haha.

Because I didn’t taste the rice bowl (brown rice btw), I can only comment on the rolls. Well, they looked pretty:

2014-08-17 17.57.52-2

But they are actually pretty huge, like not sushi-sized, so you can’t stuff them into your mouth. This means having to either eat like a barbarian with your hands (and let all the filling start falling out from your mouth and between your fingers because they just won’t stay in the seaweed if you bite into it – you’d get it if you don’t eat bigger-sized sushi in a single bite hurhur), OR having to look more civilised and using the fork and knife (which is what we did). So because of the latter option, it looked like we were eating 6 mini salads. Because each time we cut into one roll, ALL the ingredients just spill out like a salad mess comprising carrot strips, argula(?) vege, onions, cucumbers, some brown rice and a small piece of smoked salmon. Oh yes, there’s wasabi mayo in it too, except that I thought it was too little to give enough flavour; you could taste it, but not enough! >< Apparently, I think the sauces at the sides of the rolls are for eating, and not mere decor. But as you can see, it’s quite a pathetic amount… :P So, though pretty, there was not enough sauce for the amount of veg in the rolls! It was all raw vege mind you, so it’s actually pretty dry without sauces. We ended up using the pesto and the sauce that came with the rice bowls.

I ordered a drink with this meal – a chocolate banana smoothie for $9. Had medjool dates as the sweetener, cocoa, banana and cashew milk. Yes, I could make it myself, but I was just tempted by the chocolate, ok? Haha. Plus, I don’t have a ready supply of medjool or cashew milk ready at home. It was good, tasted as I would have expected and liked :) But $9 is really pricey. Thinking about it, cafe/restaurant drinks are always so overpriced – moreover, this is healthy (i.e., more expensive ingredients), so more overpriced than the usual cafe overpricey-ness (lol do I even make sense?!).

Before our mains, the four of us shared some fried sweet potato strips/fritters(?) too. That was nice! I love sweet potato anyway :D And after our food, we had a Chocolate Tart and a Chocolate German Cake to share (both $8.90). AHHHH I felt that the chocolate tart was to die for!!! SO SUPER CHOCOLATEY, AND TASTES SO UNHEALTHY, BUT IT’S NOT :D At least healthier that usual chocolate tarts made with butter/sugar etc! Because they used things like coconut oil for the tart crust and well, chocolate is just chocolate with the cacao powder (which is healthy yay!). Ok and other wholesome ingredients I cannot recall. Same for the german choc cake! Seriously healthy chocolate is the best thing ever ^^ The chocolate desserts were so rich, luckily we shared haha.

2014-08-17 13.11.11-2

Love y’all! <3

Hanging out with these girls was really awesome. I think we all share the same sentiments: cf girls are a special bunch :) Bonded by our common interest in crossfit and healthy living, although we all still love our desserts and other unhealthy food :)

For someone like me who really never talks much, introverted by nature, I’m really glad to have made friends with these girls and everyone else I know in crossfit. I started out going for classes with my bro in the evenings and on weekends. Somehow everyone was so good, and so regular, it was hard for me to make friends there. I had one or two, but they didn’t have regular timings at which they came, so I didn’t see them much. And because everyone seemed to already know someone else, it was hard to break in and join them.

Then I started going for morning classes, where the crowd was smaller, and I felt that the people were of a similar standard to me haha. It was easier to talk and join in conversations, and I made friends (yay!). Sometimes these morning sesh people feel more like friends than the people I’ve known from school. Perhaps it’s because I see them more frequently, some even almost everyday! I love my morning sesh people :) Feels so nice to see familiar faces and having that sense of camaraderie as we all work out together at the box. Even though I wod differently some Mondays, it’s still awesome to be working out and feeling shagged together haha. For my crossfit friends, I am thankful. I feel at home at crossfit thanks to the people; the people make all the difference and they keep me going :) <3


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