CF log 25/08/14

Back from HK! = 4 days off crossfit D:

But anyway, today’s workout:


2 RM power clean ~95%
2 RM jerk (from rack) ~95%

Hit almost 42.5kg for my jerks (plates per side: 2 10lbs, 1 2.5kg, 1 1.25kg) and 45kg for cleans. But cleans were quite a struggle.. 45kg may have been my 1 RM instead because I had to pause quite a while before being able to lift again. It’s actually kinda weird that I find the weight for clean pretty heavy because I thought I could do better. I used to be able to do 2 RM hang cleans at 47.5kg! :/ Maybe also cos this is a power clean so slightly harder?? And I think also because I lost the feel of cleans haha (if that even makes sense). Since I came back from Japan and resumed cf, I felt as though my cleans – once my strongest – became kinda weak :( I think it’s cos I don’t pull back enough or use my hips enough for the high pull; because I tried pulling back more during the cleans in the WOD and the weights seemed more do-able. Hm.


9 power clean (80/60kg)
21 HSPU / 5 wall walks
7 power clean
15 HSPU / 4 wall walks
5 power clean
9 HSPU / 3 wall walks

Erm, of course I didn’t do 60kg cleans, which are more than my 1 RM lol xD Did 37.5kg instead. And, still couldn’t flip to handstand against the wall, so did the wall walks. Today’s WOD was not very intensive I think. Probably cos I scaled down everything :X So I did 50 GHDs after that :)

 Actually am quite upset that I cannot do a handstand against the wall. Prevents me from trying HSPUs. So I’m determined to get them!! Tried it a few times at home when I got back from cf and I DID IT!!! :D Hopefully not by chance. Then I tried bending my elbows just to see how a HSPU feels like, and omg, SO HARD. Bent a little and I lost my balance already haha. So for now I shall just aim to master my handstand (against wall) first!! Shall try it again later in the day and first aim to be able to flip up against the wall instead of wall walk the next time we do handstand holds for warm-ups. Then subsequently be able to try HSPUs with the fat cuboid block! (Coach wanted me to try that last week for one of the WODs but I couldn’t flip myself up to even do a handstand, so I missed the chance to try T_T)


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