CF log 26/08/14


4 x 3 pause (3 sec) front squat
5 x 1 3-position snatch

Did my f. squats with 35lbs (~15kg) on each side (total 45kg). I think it’s about the same weight as the previous time I did it. Then did snatches with 15lbs (6.8kg) + 1.25kg on each side, which is about 31kg total. Well, I guess that’s not too bad… My snatches have always been within the 30-35kg range.


12 min AMRAP (in pairs ):
12 deadlifts (70/50kg)
9 hang power cleans
6 push jerks

Special WOD not from outlaw today cos it was one of the coach’s (Xin) birthday yesterday, so birthday WOD! The record from last evening’s class was 7 rounds. Partnered Anny today and we did 6 rounds and 7 deadlifts! :D But we didn’t do a prescribed weight :P Did at 35kg instead hahaha. To me, the hang cleans were the killer here! I did most of it, cos Anny couldn’t; while she did most of the jerks, cos I couldn’t haha! I find that the problem with my hang cleans is just that the bar keeps slipping in my hands, like it “rolls” down to my fingers area; which means I need to grip harder so I don’t drop the bar.. which translates to harder to pull up the bar. I totally forgot about chalk, which I could have used! Maybeee I could have performed better with the cleans if I used it :P 

Hung out after WOD again today with Anny, David and Ian :) And I practised my handstands a little. I REALLY CAN DO IT NOW :D GOT THE FEEEEL~ hehe. Next time we do handstand holds, I’ll be able to flip up against the wall!! :D :D


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