CF log 28/08/14


5 x 2 power snatch – 80%
4 x 5 pause (3-sec) back squat – 65%

So 80% for my snatches was calculated based on a 1 RM of 35kg (which I’m not even sure I can do haha). So… I did the snatches at about 30kg (29 to be exact cos I used 10lbs plates)! I don’t know if that’s how 80% should feel to be honestl cos I felt like I could go heavier.. which means my 1 RM should be more than 35kg right?? Well, I can’t remember the last time I tried for my 1 RM actually, so maybe I have actually improved/can do better than I think? Haha.

Back squats, though at 65%, was really not that easy :P I did them with 45kg weight (since my 100% is about 70kg). The 3-sec pause below really tires your legs because after getting comfy in that squat position, you gotta push so hard to get up. Apparently you shouldn’t be holding a squat position with the weight, but resting at the lowest point according to my coach – maybe that’s why it’s so tiring. But actually I tried holding squat position with the weight at my back too, and it is still tiring! I conclude that it’s just the pausing thing that tires your legs haha.


4 rounds
1 min ME HSPU
1 min ME power C&J (80/60kg)
1 min ME toes-to-bar
1 min rest

Oooook, so I saw HSPUs and I’m like “oh man I can’t do that yet!”. So I went to tell my coach I couldn’t. And she gave me that “what do you mean you can’t” look, plus said it aloud too hahaha. I told her, I just can’t! I was wondering what gave her the impression that I could. You know, the previous time – not too long ago – when there was HSPUs for WOD she wanted me to try it, and I told her I can’t even HS; so I didn’t do it (wall walks instead). So I thought she kinda knew?? Apparently not haha. So I was sorta forced to do HSPUs. She made me take those cushion blocks to try the HSPUs. I needed a total of 1 thick block and 2 thin blocks before I could finally do something vaguely resembling a HSPU LOL. That’s quite a high stack btw. And that’s when Coach said “there, HSPU” hahahaha, Well, first progression I guess! Then I’ll slowly remove the blocks one by one and lower the stack (i.e., more of my body weight on my hands/arms and less taken by the blocks). I’m happy anyway! :D I CAN DO HSPUs (albeit with many blocks for now)!!! :D :D I aimed for about 10 every minute but I think I got an average of about 8 or 9.

For C&Js, I used the pseudo 35kg weight (Rx 60kg is CRAZY for me), which means I loaded each side with 2 10lbs plates instead of 10kg ones. I aimed for 6 per round at least, but I think I only did that for 2 rounds, and 5 for the other 2 >< Slightlyyy disappointing? But still ok I guess, just try harder next time haha.

For TTB, I still can’t string them properly. Like swing on the bar and do them consecutively :/ So I just did them individually using the floor to help. Like my toes would still be able to touch the ground with my hands gripping the bar, then I do the swinging thing with my toes on the ground and kick up my legs and get my toes to the bar. Did an average of about 10 per minute. But I think I need to improve on this. Needa learn to string them so it’s more efficient!! But you know, I’m proud of how far I’ve come; when I first started out, I was unable to even get my toes to the bar, but now I can! :D And I thiiink I can do more reps now than before (cos last time, my arms would get tired, or my hands would hurt) :)


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