CF log 29/08/14

Today’s a Friday. So the usual strength training we do at the hub.


100 snatch balance (20/15kg – empty bar)
3 burpees EMOM

It’s not that we usually don’t do warm-ups, just that on Fridays the warm-up tends to be more tiring, so I decided to log it. Honestly I could feel it in my shoulders wayyyy before the halfway mark of the 100 snatch balance. It’s crazyyy. And sadly, my bar was slanted for many reps I think. I tried to straighten it consciously for the other reps after Anny told me it was slanted. But I don’t know how good that went haha. Possibly still had some slants cos I felt my shoulders weakening :P I forgot how long I took for this, probably close to 10 minutes (or more?) :S


7 x 3 @ 80%
Bench press
Strict press

I think my deadlifts improved? Not sure cos I have not done it on strength day for a while.. and the previous strength day we did 4 x 8 instead of 7 x 3 of everything haha. So anyway I got to 66.1kg :D (last 3 rounds; did at 61.1kg the previous rounds). Then did a mere 27.5kg for bench press, which is 6.25kg per side. I should be able to go heavier.. need to improve! My bench press has always been quite weak >< Finally strict press, I did my first round at 25kg. But I was really struggling :P So dropped it to 22.5kg instead; just a clamp and 1.25kg (not even 10lbs per side!!). Need to improve this too.

For a while now, I realised that strength days are important thanks to an article shared by Anny on fb quite some time back. Plus I can’t really do these strength components very well. That’s why I decided to make it a point to go for strength days, and if I have to rest, put it someday else. I used to put my rest days on strength days because I thought they were not as intensive as the WODs, and I prefer high intensity stuff haha.

Went out for breakfast with Anny, David and Ian! Haha. Finally we go eat instead of sitting around talking about food after cf xD Ian and David had to wait for us cos we were so slow today, somehow haha. Before we left, we also watched this Korean dude do his cleans at a crazy weight that David said was about 95kg… more than the guy’s own body weight! Amazing *o* So anyway, we went to eat at Toast Box because it was the only thing that was properly opened then. Food Republic beside it was open too, but most of the stalls were just only setting up, so there was hardly any food haha. I had a PB toast set!

Talked for a while after our meal, and I gave them my earl grey and fig cupcakes too – though I haven’t really tasted the whole thing myself :P Like omg, so terrible if it tasted bad haha. But thankfully it was alright :D Went home to try it for myself afterwards; ok, not too bad, I liked the earl grey, but I thought the figs could have been sweeter. Gonna have a post about my cupcakes soon! :)


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