Earl grey & fig cupcakes

earl grey fig cupcake

Original recipe here. I know that linked page says muffins, but I really think it’s more like a cupcake with its texture! I decided to bake this cupcake cos I wanted to try using figs in baking. It’s a first ;)

I did not follow the recipe exactly in terms of the ingredients. So just gonna copy-paste the original ingredients list here and show the changes I made. I think the “most major” change is the greek yogurt part, cos I didn’t have that on hand :P

*edits in pink

1/2 cup of butter (=113g)I used 130g because I didn’t wanna leave an odd 17g of butter lying around in my fridge
1/2 cup of sugar (raw or cane is always the best policy) I just used caster
3 eggs
1 cup of unbleached flour not sure if mine’s unbleached? But I don’t think it matters, right? :P
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1/2 cup of plain Greek yogurt used 2 Tbsp of cooking oil instead (what a weird substitute, I know right? But I figure this subs butter, and butter can be subbed by oil, so… yeah haha
2 teaspoons (or teabags) of Earl Grey leaves
10 quartered fresh figsas I read the procedure, I got confused as to whether this meant 10 huge figs cut into quarters, or 10 quarters of the figs o.O But anyhow, I only had 8 huge figs so I cut all of them up, to whatever size I deemed appropriate. Quarters seemed too big for me… Eventually I didn’t use all the cut figs. Just dumped whatever amount looked fine into the batter, and used some to top my cupcakes, one each.

Other than those, I just followed the entire recipe’s procedure. Just that at the parts they said greek yogurt, I put my oil, and other little mental notes like that.

Overall, I think the cupcakes turned out fine. I wouldn’t say they were fantastic, but the earl grey was tasty! :) I felt that the earl grey wasn’t too sweet/overpowering, which is a good thing. But I thought the flavour of my figs did not really come through; maybe they were not sweet enough and I should have left them to ripen longer.

Gave some of these to cf friends and they said it was not bad. I told Anny what I thought about the figs, but she said the cupcake was already sweet enough overall. Then when my dad ate it, he told me it was sweet enough too when I talked about the figs haha. So, maybe it’s really ok? I think the person who baked it always has the higher standards. (Besides the point but, reminds me of the time besties and I did nail art at my house and I thought the art I did on Yishi’s nails were not very perfect/nice, but she thought it was ok. And she said something along the lines of the person doing it will be nit-picking more haha! I think it’s the same for baking.)


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