CF log 31/08/14

As usual, Sundays are my yoga + cf back-to-back day. Yoga’s really good to stretch out muscles and improve mobility. Plus I really wanna be more flexible, or at least gain back the flexibility I used to have. I did lose a little ever since I started regular crossfit at the beginning of this year…

Today’s workout:


In pairs, complete 200 wall balls
Partner holds weights (24/16kg) while other does wall balls
(Weights cannot touch the ground, 10 burpees penalty)

Partnered Anny for this and WOD today! I thought the holding of weights while waiting for partner to be done was harder then the wall balls! We used 16kg kettle bells for this; 16kg per side btw haha. At first we wanted to swap every 20 wall balls but when we finish 80 reps (cumulative), I think both of us were dying holding the KBs while waiting for the other to finish with wall balls hahaha. So we changed to swap every 10 reps – much more bearable xD Oh, we did the wall balls with a 5kg ball because when we did 6kg previously for a warm-up, we almost died. Furthermore this one sorta had no break throughout because if we were not wall balling, we were holding 16kg weights on each hand… so altogether it was tiring. But yay we did it! :D


5 x 5 deficit HSPUs / strict HSPUs

There were so so many people at the 10am class today :O And there were insufficient cushions to go around. Thankfully I still had my fat one, and a small one. The additional small cushion was made up for by placing a 15lbs plate underneath the other cushions. So, I did my HSPUs! ^^ Train more, train more! Then I can reduce cushions hehe ^^


Partner “Small”
1000m row
50 burpees
50 box jumps
600m run (both run together)

I think Anny and I finished this rather quickly. Nothing much to say, no barbell work today haha. It was a relay style partner WOD, so took turns to do the stuff. We did burpees, box jumps (24inch, usual girl’s height), run then rowing the last. I split my 500m of rowing into two 250m sets haha. So I rowed first, then Anny did her 500m before I continued. Went all out at the last part and managed to hit below 2min/500m (min. ~1:50/500m) for most of the last 250m yay! :D


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