CF log 01/09/14


Started off this month with a not-very-intense workout in my opinion haha :X I mean, there are other more intensive days! There was so much strength stuff, and the WOD was just running.


5 x 2 power clean – 80%
5 x 2 power jerk – 80%
3 x 5 C2B pull-ups
3 x 5 bench press – 90%

Did my cleans at 37.5kg, then a 6th round at 40kg cos I just wanted to test it I could lift that weight. I could, but I don’t think I could have done it for 5 rounds… or maybe just do it really slowly haha. Jerks at 35kg for 3 rounds and 37.5kg for the last 2, which I am quite happy with I guess. Hoping to improve them!! 

Instead of C2Bs, I did my usual banded pull-ups with the thin red band. Somehow could do them more easily today, like I didn’t have to let my toes touch the ground (barely) and use it a little to assist my pull-ups like I tend to do sometimes heh :X Put simply, when my toes touch the ground it’s like a little rest for my arms, so I can go again. But didn’t really do that today, maybe cos there are lesser reps! So I’m actually quite happy about it haha.

Did bench press because Anny and I finished the other components with quite a bit of time to spare. It’s strange to do 5 reps at 90% because 90% is kinda heavy… it’s usually about 3 reps or something; even our usual 7 x 3 strength days are at 80%! But anyway, I did the bench press at 28.6kg for the first round, and increased to 31.1kg for the next 2. But I needed assistance for the last 2 reps of each of the 31.1kg rounds haha. I seriously needa figure out how to improve my bench press.. probably one of my weakest elements :(


8 x 100m sprints

Did the WOD component before strength. Cos it was a less intensive day, I did some GHDs after class – 30 normal, 20 with 3kg medicine ball, and 30 with 5kg medicine ball. When I first took the 3kg ball, I thought “seriously, even a tiny bit more weight makes GHDs more tiring!” Haha, but I decided to just go heavier cos I can ;D I hope I worked out enough for my abs to ache tmr!! :P (A while ago I did 80 normal GHDs after class and I felt my abs aching for the next few days haha, but the ache was not too bad!)


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