CF log 09/09/14 (Tu)


3 x ME plank hold

The previous time we did this, the penalty for dropping was to do burpees. Today, it was to eat mooncakes if you are the first three to drop (because it was mid-autumn festival last night and there were leftover mooncakes, unopened. Haha). I really didn’t wanna eat before working out so I really tried my best to hold. I think this is actually a better penalty for me, if I want to hold longer xD If I remember correctly my 3 ME holds were 4:30min, 3min and 3:30min; well thereabouts at least. I had to eat some mooncake from my last hold :( I was not actually the first to drop, but everyone who dropped before me already had mooncake to eat from the previous holds, so it had to be me :/ I could have held on longer, but I didn’t know if you were eating mooncake already, you didn’t have to eat again! So I dropped, dang! But anyway, I “cheated” and brought it home instead, and it’s still unopened now hehe :P 


5 x 1 snatch from above knee
3 x 5 TnG snatches
1 x ME TnG snatches @ 85% of previous weight

Gahh, the ME snatches were disappointing to me :( But before I get to that, first, I managed to do above knee snatches at 35kg; only for the last one though, because Anny and I were just increasing weight from 30kg. So we did something like 2-2-1 with 30, 32.5, then 35kg. Not too bad, quite pleased with this part because I hardly ever reach 35kg for snatches.

TnG snatches were ok, did them at 30kg. I think it was an improvement from last week. At least I could do the first set of TnG properly. The second set, I couldn’t string the last rep, and the third set, I had to break it into 2-2-1 (and my last rep was not even perfect. SIGH). But well, at least I completed it not too bad; does feel better than last week.

Ok, the ME. I dropped to 27.5kg and I could only do around 3 unbroken before I lost my balance and fell back -.- Idk why but my legs just couldn’t take it anymore. Like I think I couldn’t really tighten/hold my body anymore :( When I tried again and dropped to 25kg, same thing. WHY D: This was really disappointing actually. Feels like I didn’t complete the exercise >< Oh well, do better next time.


10min AMRAP –
15 deficit HSPUs / HSPUs
10 barbell split jumps

I did like… 2.5 rounds in 10min? Yeah super slow. But also cos I started late and had a bit of pause in between because I was waiting for the barbell (but in the end I just took my own, cos sharing was not going to work out haha). Did the HSPUs with just the thick block of cushion. No more 2 small blocks. Of course, my head still cannot touch the thick block. But it’s more to train my arm strength and get the HSPU motion without too much weight being supported by my neck or the cushions. And boy is it hard! Towards the end, it feels like you’re trying with all your might to push yourself up, but to no avail. Your elbows are just not straightening if they’re bent (slightly) and you just cannot go any lower. Basically just stuck at the handstand hold haha. Well, this needs practice too anyway. It will get better! 

Split jumps are just like split jerks in terms of leg motion. The bar stays behind the neck. So just jump with alternating leg in front. It was not that hard I guess. But if I did more rounds, it would be tiring. Anyway I made my 2.5 rounds 3 after the 10min mark by completing my 3rd set of split jumps.


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