CF log 10/09/14 (W)

My friend said, “It seems like tiring workouts are on Wednesdays these weeks”. Indeed it is so.


5 x 1 clean from above knee
5 x 1 jerks
3 x 5 TnG cleans
1 x ME TnG cleans @ 80% of previous weight (i.e., 5 RM weight)

As usual, cleans are ok for me. I can do them :D And they’re better than my jerks. Apparently it’s more normal to have jerks better than cleans, but mine’s the opposite haha. I guess it’s cos my shoulders are not strong enough to push and hold the bar overhead. Afterall, my overhead stuff are not that great haha (yes, I know I should do something about them :X).

Managed to hit 47.5kg for the last 2 reps of my 5 x 1 cleans! Yay, hit my previous PR! It was a teeny bit unstable at the end cos I think my elbows were not fast enough, so once I nail that and am more confident about about 47.5, I shall go for 50kg! :D That should be soon I hope!

Hit my old PR for jerks too, at 42.5kg for the last 2 reps. There was a failed attempt for my last rep, but I re-did it. Seems like it’s time to get new PRs for my cleans and jerks soon! (Somehow today was not the day hahaha.)

Dropped my cleans weight to 35kg for 3 x 5 at the first set. Then realised it’s quite do-able, so did it at 40kg for the next 2 sets. Legs were so tired, but I still managed the TnGs :D I think it’s my legs that don’t have the energy/stamina to sustain TnGs. Or maybe it’s a whole body thing – that I can’t do there bursts of action/energy kinda thing; but I’m more of a slow and sustained kind of person… HAHA, no idea how to put it. Simply, in running terms, I can’t do sprints, but better at long d. Hahahah xD

Lastly for the ME set, I did 8 reps at 35kg. Yay! :D Cleans make me happy xD


4 rounds –
500m row
20 KB swings (32/24kg)

It was really tiring after all the strength stuff. My legs were already feeling so fatigued, and now rowing plus KB swings D: I rowed quite slowly haha. Maybe averaging 2:20/500m across all 4 rounds :X And I did KB swings at 20kg (the usual when the Rx is 24kg; cos I can’t really sustain that, though it’s only “one level” up from the 20kg KB).

Rested and foam rolled after WOD today. Stayed back for almost an hour haha. Then I tried my TTBs for a short while before leaving. I think I improved across the board. Like since I joined, and looking at everytime we do TTB in WOD. Learning to string TTBs now and I sorta got it today, except I need to get my toes to touch the bar (that’s why it’s TTB right haha). My toes are sooo close; but yet not touching >< Perhaps I needa use my hips (and lower core?) more. Will try them again soon! Then at least I get one bar hanging thing done well hahaha (the other one is pull-ups) xD And I can do it efficiently during WODs! Save time that can be used to do other stuff that I’m not as good at :D

Oh! Let Anny try the PB choc cookies today and she said it was nice. Yay! Haha. Then as we were leaving, she told Yun about them >< (paiseh hahah) So I let her try too, and she said it was nice :D Then told Bobby to try. And yay, good reviews by the people who tried! :D Happy! Hahaha :D


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