CF log 14/09/14 (Su)

As usual, 9am yoga stretching before the 10am workout sesh (below)! :)

Hero WOD

6 rounds –
Sandbag run 300m
12 box jumps
12 push press (35/50kg)
12 sumo deadlift high-pulls

Finished in about 41min heh. Well, I wasn’t really rushing for time to get a good timing or anything.. so yeah. We were expected to finish it in 45min anyway haha. I did 28.6kg (15lbs per side) for 4 rounds of the push press and sumo high pulls. Then for the last 2 rounds, I added 1.25kg plates so it became 31.1kg. There was a round I attempted to do Anny’s weight which was with 2.5kg clamps, so total 33.6kg, but I kinda had difficulty with the push presses; didn’t think I could sustain 12 reps and the remaining rounds I had. Other components were ok… I thought the sandbag run was really tiring! Took energy outta me haha, especially in the hot sun!

Did some TTBs after the WOD, and foam rolled a little :)

So happy that Xuely came back today, so more girls yay! ^^ David came too. And apparently Ian was supposed to come, but he pangseh-ed David hahaha.

Side note: Strangely, my abs are not aching from the GHDs 2 days ago :/ I guess I needa do more weighted GHDs, or just more reps in general ><


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