CF log 18/09/14 (Th)


3 x 5 jerk (from rack)
1 x ME jerks @ 80% of 5RM
3 x 8 pause (3-sec) front squats

Did my 5RM jerks at 37.7kg (25lbs per side). Seriously made my shoulders hurt :P And my wrists got achy after each set of 5 too (what’s wrong with you wrists?? ><). Then did my ME set at 33.6kg (15lbs+2.5kg per side). Managed to do 10 reps! :D For the squats, I used 42.7kg (25lbs+2.5kg per side) for the first set, which was the same weight as last week. But for the next 2, I increased it to 46.8kg (35lbs per side) :) Yay slight improvement from last week!


8 rounds –
Tabata Intervals of (20s work, 10s rest):
KB Swings 24/16kg
Air Squats
Ab-Mat Situps

Yay used the Rx weight for KB swings ^^ KBs were the hardest of these three. The ab-mat situps were new! Basically lying on the ab-mat and doing sit-ups with your feet together and knees apart (aka. butterfly sit-up). That was ok for me :D Nothing much about today’s WOD. One of the easier days ;)


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