CF log 23/09/14 (Tu)


3 x 1-min weighted plank hold [25lbs]
5 x 1 snatch from above knees [3x 31.5kg, 2x 34.1kg]
3 x 5 TnG snatches [29.9kg]

Woohooo~ My TnGs today felt good! Really could do the TnGs properly strung together. though for each set the last one or two reps were quite challenging. But… I still did it!! :D My above knee snatches felt a little weird though; somehow the snatch just feels weird… Hm. But it’s ok! I think my snatches improved in general :) Even if not in terms of weight, I think I have a better feel of the form now.

(Crossfit games open workout 14.1!)

30 DUs
15 power snatches (75/55lbs) [55lbs]

I did only 2.5 rounds :( My DUs were terrible today. Slowed me down greatly!! I thought my power snatches were ok! (And can do Rx yay!) Oh well, needa improve DUs and seriously considering getting my own rope now… but $35… haha.

Cf was especially fun today because more of the cf girls came! Regine, Kendra and Gaya, in addition to Anny and me :D We talked a bit to the new girl (Ying Yue) too, who is actually my brother’s course mate haha. Took some photos and had a mini “story-telling” session too! So awesome. Was nice chilling and hanging out after the workout :)

Oh, and I brought my miserable bit of leftover cake today because I remembered Jon asking me to bring it yesterday hahaha. And yay, he said it was good! Though it is a little dry :P Haha. I need to work on my cake textures ><


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