Today’s interview

I skipped crossfit today to attend my first interview after a really long time. Admittedly, it was stressful; I was a little anxious about it. On the other hand, I felt that there really was nothing to be so stressed out about! I mean, it’s just an interview, a get-to-know-you session. I’ll just be speaking to other people, other human beings. I’ve been an interviewer before so I roughly know what it feels like to be on the other side, and I think to myself, “why should the interviewee be afraid?” Haha. Moreover, for this position, it’s not as though I MUST have it. I can always try again. So basically, all these thoughts just kept running through my mind as I waited for my turn. Yes, I was really early :P

It was for a research assistant position. Indeed, something I would totally go for, so… me. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I love research, but I like it enough to be willing to make it my job, or my career (well, before I start the entrepreneur thing…). I didn’t know what would be asked, and ok, I didn’t put in much effort trying to anticipate questions. So in short, the interview was close to a flop. But on the bright side, at least I know what questions can be asked for such research positions in future!

Objectively speaking, the interview was not hard at all. The questions asked were pretty straightforward and simple, and relevant to the position. So after the interview, I did feel a slight tinge of regret for not preparing for it :( I mean, how could I have not prepared for questions about how my thesis went, what it was about, the process of doing it? How could I not have prepared a short “story” about how my research internship was like??! OMG, all these research related experiences I have that would be so so SO relevant to the job scope, I didn’t prepare. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! On hindsight, I honestly think that if I had prepared for this, I had a pretty good chance of getting the job ><

Well, now I know. I learnt my lesson :( So actually when they asked about all these research stuff, all I could do was say whatever came up at that point in time; which was… incoherent and poorly substantiated points (if there were even any. Totally felt like I was rambling about nothing D:). ARGH. But ok, I deserve to feel like that for my lack of preparation. Definitely will do better next time. And one thing’s for certain, I MUST prep for interviews. I’m a person who can’t just go into one and wing it :/ Well, always the hard way for me ><


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