CF log 01/10/14 (W)

Hello October!


5 x 1 2-position clean (from ground + hang) [2x 42.7kg, 1x 47.7kg, 2x 45.2kg]
5 x 2 push jerks [42.7kg]
4 x 3 TnG cleans [42.7kg]
+1 x ME TnG cleans [8x 37.7kg]

For the 2-position cleans, I tried to do another set with 47.7kg, but I failed at the 2nd clean :/ That’s why I decided to just do my remaining sets at a weight that was in between my lighter and heavier weight haha. Not too shabby I guess! Oh, and shall just count the 47.7kg rep as a PR for my full squat cleans (and hang cleans) cos I don’t have any records previously xD (though it may not really make sense that the full squat clean PR is less than for above knee cleans :P)


4 rounds –
300m run
20 C2B pull-ups / strict pull-ups / banded pull-ups [banded: thick blue]

Took about 20min to finish >< pull-ups always slow me down D:


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