CF log 04/10/14 (Sa)

Woohoo~ cf for the 6th consecutive day! :) It’s my max so far, but I may make it 7 tmr depending on what the WOD is… will be going for the yoga session before that though! Feeling so stiff already!! ><


4 x 3 thrusters [1x 28.6kg, 1x 37.7kg, 2x 33.6kg]
5 x 5 push press [1x 28.6kg, 1x 31.1kg, 3x 33.6kg]

Ok, because I have no records for what my push press from front is like, I shall just take the highest weight today as PR hahaha xD


15min AMRAP –
10 wall balls [6kg]
10 burpees

I did 9.5 rounds; completed the 10 wall balls (of the 10th round) after my 9 rounds :) Not bad to me! Crazy how I’m doing burpees AGAIN after Riley yesterday (150 burpees!!) :P


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