CF log 05/10/14 (Su)

Gosh. I broke my record by going for cf for 7 days in a row. And seriously, I was pushing it a little already today >< Not good. The worst part is, today’s WOD was one of the most intensive ones I felt that I’ve done (or maybe it’s from the fatigue of cf-ing 6 days straight haha).

So I’m gonna rest tomorrow; take a break from all the heavy-lifting and metcons :) I think my body deserves it.


5 x 1 squat clean & jerks [42.7kg]
4 x 5 pause (3-sec) front squats [1x 42.3kg, 1x 51.4kg, 2x 47.3kg]

I was already feeling so tired after doing all these >< Did I mention I even went for the yoga session before this?? D:


Every 2-min for 20-min –
6 squat clean & jerks (60/40kg) [28.6kg]
8 burpees

The original WOD was worse. This was scaled down after Coach realised that (I think) most of us looked like we were dying hahaha. It was supposed to be every 2-min for 12-min, then rest for 2-min, then continue the same thing till 30-min. Plus, the C&Js were supposed to be 8 reps instead of 6 haha.

I did this with Anny. We started with 25lbs per side for the C&Js (37.7kg), tried to do it for one round (she finished 8 reps, I only did 3 :P), which was terrible because we took so long. We were taking turns with the bar btw; so one person did burpees while the other the C&Js. So then we dropped it to 32.7kg for the next rounds, which I did 5 reps and Anny did none :P By this time we were already not completing our reps within the 2 min (including burpees) hahaha xD That’s why we eventually ended up with the 28.6kg!

Honestly, even 6 reps at 28.6kg felt like hell for me. I could feel my legs slowly weakening, and my back getting for tired and achy (back was already achy before workout today ><). Anyway I think in total, for what was supposed to be 10 rounds, we probably did only about 8 or 9 hahaha. Personally, I think I completed 10 rounds of 8 burpees, but did lesser rounds of the C&Js >< Speaking of burpees, fun fact: I probably did 150+80+90=320 burpees in the past 3 days. I feel crazy; perhaps that’s why I feel so tired!

Anyway, totally just didn’t feel like doing anything after the WOD and took like half an hour to recover after the insane workout haha :P


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