CF log 08/10/14 (W)

BAD WORKOUT DAY :( Wow, I never felt so strongly about a workout before till today. Was quite disappointed with the WOD, strength was ok.


5 x 1 2-position cleans (mid-thigh & hang) [4x 42.7kg, 1x 45.2kg]
4 x 3 TnG cleans [42.7kg]
1 x ME UB TnG cleans [8 reps 37.7kg]


For 20min, every alternate EMOM –
30 DUs / 60 singles
3 power snatch (60/40kg) [28.6kg]
5 burpees
5 shoulders to overhead [jerks; 28.6kg]

DID NOT COMPLETE IT :( I hardly did any of the skipping. To ensure that I did not keep tripping and waste time, I chose the 60 singles option. Only completed it for the first minute. After which I didn’t have time to even do much skipping. Even if it was 30 singles, I could not make it :( Then somehow I still fell behind a little, and in order to keep up with the time and not lag in the other areas or lag by too much till it became an AMRAP, I forgo-ed probably two of three sets of the snatches and shoulders to overhead (barbell exercises collectively). SIGH PIE :(

I was thinking which area I fell back on to have insufficient time for skipping and really, I couldn’t think of any substantial enough >< Definitely not my shoulders to overhead cos I could do them in about 15-sec. Maybe my snatches, but thing is at least I was confident I did them fast, TnG style, in the first few rounds, so my first few rounds shouldn’t have suffered; but it did :/ Burpees? I really doubt it too – not like I was resting after each one or smth >< So what gives???

I thought maybe it was the walking from the barbell exercises to the skipping/burpees. Because I did them in quite separate locations, so had to walk quite a distance. Because I was tired, I probably took at least 15-sec to get from one area to the other, to and fro. Leaves me with 45-sec every minute. Plus I did lag in between the exercises to catch my breath, or adjust my grip/prep myself for the lifts – probably slightly too long. But seriously, I needed whatever break I could get >< So the one minute was not enough for me to do so many things – the exercises + walk + rest. To think Coach even told us we should rest 30-sec each minute! I wonder how’s that possible ><

And you know what, this workout was scaled down from the outlaw way site already >< Everything cut by half, except for the DUs. Bleah. Need to improve stamina I guess, plus DUs. MUST GET MY DUs CONSISTENT!


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