North Face 100

The most amazing run I ever did so far :) Apparently the hardest run in SG (from some fb page); guess cos of the crazy trails. New wonderful experience, and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. So much so that it deserves at least a short post :)

Signed up for this run with the crossfit girls ^^ If not for Gaya, would not have even considered this run or maybe even heard of it! This North Face 100 is a trail run that comes in distance categories of 13km, 25km, 50km and 100km. A self-sufficient run that you are even required to bring your own water because of the minimal water points. There was even a minimum requirement of water to bring depending on the distance! I signed up for the 25km and ran it together with my awesome cf partner, Anny :D (Btw, omg her first run event and it’s a trail + 25km, and she completed it yay!)

Anyway, because I like the starting point picture, but have no place to post it, I shall post it here!

2014-10-11 07.53.07

Tiny start point at the background of the pic (top half!) :D We were very excited actually hehe ^^

Ok, because I’m kinda lazy to type nicely in prose, here’s what I wanna say in point form :P

  • At the run, suddenly everyone had camelbaks o.o (even those who didn’t look like they run often… :P) Anny and I were holding our one litre bottles that made it quite annoying to run haha. On hindsight, maybe it’s just the 25km racers with the camelbaks; because I saw the 13km as I ran, they didn’t really carry that haha.
  • Tried to pace each other for the first 10km, but after that I kinda lost Anny. Looked back occasionally, and suddenly one time I turned, she was probably too far away to be seen ><
  • NEVER KNEW THERE WAS SO MUCH TRAIL IN SG. And that the trails were so…. trail-like. Didn’t expect it to be that bad! SO MUCH terrain and rocks and branches, which made it so hard to run. It was crazy tiring after a while with the uneven ground and impact on the legs. There was this giant hill, and steep slopes along the way. Luckily there was no rain the night before or as we ran, otherwise it would be so slippery and dirty (dangerous too!). We also ran near/beside monkeys! (Because y’know, macritche = monkey haven).
  • Unlike other marathons/runs where at every point, there are – although there are a ton of people walking, also – a ton of people running, for this run, there were some parts where running was just impossible, and literally EVERYONE in that area simply.. walked hahaha. Interesting!
  • Also unlike other runs, distance markers only at every 10km. Made it so hard to pace myself! No idea when I should walk more/start to speed up etc. >< Seriously an endurance run.
  • After 15km, I felt like dying. I was already 2h20min. By then, my knees were starting to hurt too, even with my KT tape support. I told myself, maybe I can make it for 3+ hours. Definitely not 3. I never knew I would take so long!
  • I was happy when I saw the 20km marker. “Yes! Last 6km!” (the 25km route was really 26.3km) But y’know what, the last 6km was crazy. Totally didn’t feel that short D: The next marker was gonna be the 10km for the 13km runners. Was looking forward to that, but I felt like it took FOREVER to reach it though it was only supposed to be 3km away from my 20km one >< And the last 3km, I was happy again! But also again, the 3km felt like forever D:
  • At a later point while running the last 3km, I was in the forest trail again. Told myself, once I got out, I would probably be heading to the finish point. So when I saw light, I started to pick up pace toward it (sounds damn drama but seriously). There seemed to be some members of public and they were cheering us at the sidelines. But everyone around me was either walking or jogging at some walking pace. So I thought “what? not ending yet? why is everyone so slow? OMG DON’T TELL ME ANOTHER FOREST TRAIL” And INDEED ANOTHER TRAIL. I was like “noooooooo!” But thankfully it was a really short section and once I was out in the open again, I caught a glimpse of the finish area from a distance, indicated by the sponsor flags. Yet people around me were still not running/dashing to the finish like other usual running events! So I second-guessed again, “isn’t that that finish banner?with all the sponsor flags around? they wouldn’t put sponsor flags randomly right?” Then I ran a teeny bit faster to get a closer look, and THERE IR WAS, THE FINISH. And I ran. Fast. Strangely, no one else was running toward the finishing line, everyone around me walked or slow jogged. How queer! Another difference from normal runs. I guess everyone was already feeling super shagged (maybe they thought I was crazy) :P
  • When I finished, it was already 4 hours. The timer said about 4h 02min. The time cap was 4.5 hours. I was kinda close to it. Omg. All my previous runs, time caps were never a problem. But this time! If I walked more, and didn’t push myself to continue running even though my legs felt super tired at some points, maybe I could have hit that time cap and not complete the run! OH THE HORROR :O But I was so so so so so happy to finish. SO PROUD :’) (Maybe I wasn’t that slow, because I realised the top 3 female 25km runners already took slightly more than 2 hours; average about 2h 10-15min?)
  • Lastly, there was nice FREE FOOD at the end!!! :D 3 flavours of sandwiches (I took the mushroom cheese and loved it ^^), jelly, grapes, bananas, oranges, even ice-cream! I only took sandwiches and the aquarius drinks :)

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