CF log 20/10/14 (M)


4 x ME strict HSPUs [average 9 per set]

I used just the thick block today! No extra ab mats. Improvement haha (reduced one ab mat) xD

We did the WOD before strength today to make sure there was enough time to complete the WOD haha. So:


(A) 3 rounds –
12 C2B pull-ups / pull-ups [banded, thick red]
12 thrusters [did Rx 65lbs!]
(B) 3-min burpee box jumps
Repeat (A).

Finished in 21:24min. Don’t really know what to make of the timing.. haha. I guess it’s ok for me? As usual, it’s pull-ups that slowed me down. The 65lbs thrusters were kinda ok! :D


4 x 5 pause back squat [2x 51.4kg, 2x 60.5kg]

I was already kinda tired from the WOD hahaha :P But ok, I guess the 2 rounds of 60kg was not too bad!


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