CF log 21/10/14 (Tu)


5 x 2 pause snatch [1x 24.1kg, 2x 28.6kg, 2x 33.6kg] – sorta worked up to save time :X
3 x 3 TnG snatches [33.6kg]

Quite stable for the snatches today I think! All sets supposed to be done at 80%, which should be about the weight I used (33.6kg) since my 1RM is 37.7kg!


10-min AMRAP KB (power) snatches, swap every 20 reps [8kg pink KB, ~80+ reps]
10-min AMRAP rowing (for distance) [2.2km]

The KB snatches were a bit meh haha. Cos I had problems doing it >< Apparently I keep slamming the KB on my arm. Probably because I don’t turn the KB around my wrist fast enough, and I don’t really loosen my grip a lot to allow the KB to turn more smoothly haha. Although I say slam, I really don’t feel it slamming! More like the KB lands on my arm gently :/ Then again, maybe because it’s light; if it was heavier, more momentum, it would slam haha, idk >< Ok, but towards the end of the 10-min, I have a feeling I get the KB snatches already because it felt more smooth and the KB didn’t really feel like it was hitting my arm anymore; can’t be sure though haha. Sometimes it feels right, but looks wrong/is actually wrong :P

Did the rowing next and my legs just felt so fatigued with each pull! Plus I couldn’t really lean back because my abs were seriously still aching. So I don’t think I did full pulls most of the time during rowing. Average for girls is 2km in 10min so, I guess I’m glad I achieved more than that! Wonder if I could have done better if not for my ab ache hahaha (cos pull more, clock more distance :X).


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