CF log 26/10/14 (Su)

In contrast to last Sunday when I went for yoga and skipped WOD, today, I went for WOD and skipped the yoga before that; because I wanted a car ride to the hub hehe :P

Shoulders died today. And it’s supposed to be Fran (thrusters & pull-ups) tomorrow. HOW TO SURVIVE? Arms would probably feel like dropping off after tmr!

Anyway, today was not really a WOD I think. It was kinda strength-ish? Because we did this for strength days before, except today with the addition of one more exercise – ring dips. Changed the game altogether, really.


5 minutes of air squats and burpees, increasing reps starting from 1 of each

I did up to 9 air squats and half way through my burpees. So I think 4-5? Haha. Was totally doing it slow and steady xD


15-min EMOM –
(A) Ring dips [thick blue band]
12 reps for 5-min
10 reps for 5-min
8 reps for 5-min
(B) Push jerk
5 reps @ 70% for 5-min [28.6kg]
3 reps @ 75% for 5-min [33.6kg]
1 rep @ 80% for 5-min [1x 40.2kg, 4x 42.7kg]
(C) Back squat
5 reps @ 70% for 5-min [46.1kg]
3 reps @ 75% for 5-min [66.1kg]
1 rep @ 80% for 5-min [1x 71.1kg, 2x 73.6kg, 2x 76.1kg]
*did one extra rep to get PR of 79.3kg

I did the exercises in the order listed. I didn’t really manage to do every single rep for the ring dips, especially at the 12 reps ones. Think for maybe 2 of the sets, I only did 10? Haha. And I changed to use the thick blue band after the second set xD The thick blue band took up a lot of my weight but seriously it didn’t help much as the number of reps I did increased >< After a while I just could not really feel my shoulders anymore, and my arms just would not straighten no matter how much I pushed! It’s quite funny really. Hahahaha.

Doing push jerks after the ring dips were crazy. Like shoulders were not strong enough to push the bar up anymore! D: Which explains why my starting weight was kinda light hahah! But ok, as I did more of it, it got a little better so I pushed myself to go as heavy as I could manage for the 1 rep minutes (though it only says 80% :X heh).

But yay I PR-ed my back squats! Did one extra rep after the last 5 minutes were up at a slightly heavier weight. I thought I already hit 80kg, but it was only 79.3kg! :P Should have added the 2.5kg clamps instead of the 1.25kg weights. I think I would still have been able to do it haha. But ok, I shall be satisfied. It’s been a while since I tried for a 1 RM for back squats! Hehe ^^

P.S. So many weight changes in today’s workout I had a hard time recording. Luckily I did it (in my notes app) immediately after I finished, otherwise I think I would have forgotten all the weights I did by now >< Maybe I need my phone with me the next time I do such workouts with so many weight changes haha!


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