CF log 29/10/14


3 x 3 hang squat cleans [1x 40.2kg, 2x 45.2kg]
4 x 3 push press [3x 33.6kg, 1x 37.7kg]

Wanted to try for a little heavier for the cleans but was running out of time, so progressed to the push press :P hahaha. And… I can’t really remember what weight I did for how many sets in my push press -.- I know I went up to 25lbs per side for the last set though. And I did do at least 2 sets of the 33.6kg. I can’t remember if I added a little weight on my 3rd set, or stuck with the 33.6 :P Hahaha. But oh well, I think what counts is at least I managed to PR on my final set! Was a struggle and I actually did a push jerk for the first rep :P Luckily still could manage 3 proper push presses after! Hahahaha.


20 strict HSPUs [with big block ~height of 2 ab mats]
40 KB swings (24/16kg) [16kg]
60′ KB OH walking lunges, one hand (24/16kg) [12kg]
80 DUs
60′ KB OH walking lunges, one hand (24/16kg)
40 KB swings (24/16kg)
20 strict HSPUs

I finished it in about 17min >< Erm, quite long I think? Hahaha. My DUs were not very fast, but it’s one of my much better days so I’m happy :D Didn’t trip as much though I still did trip quite a few times haha :P Other components of today’s WOD were ok I guess! I think the lunges were the most tiring hahaha; did them pretty slowly otherwise I prolly would have lost my balance! 12kg already felt quite heavy for me ><


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