CF log 30/10/14 (Th)

I think today’s workout was not too bad… and new PR again yay! For my push jerks ^^


4 x 3 push jerk [3x 42.7kg, 1x 45.2kg]
1x ME push jerk @ 90% [4 reps 42.7kg]
5 x 3 pause back squat [2x 60.5kg, 2x 65.5kg, 1x 68kg]

Actually, my last set of push jerks at 45.2kg was only sorta a 2 RM cos on my third rep I couldn’t lock my elbows and get the bar up.. or I just couldn’t go under the bar properly (since jerks are more about going under the bar haha). But well, still a PR yay! :D


5 rounds –
500m row
20 shoulder touches (1L+1R=1 rep)

I finished it in about 19min? No timer, so just deduced from my start and end time haha. It’s kinda ok for me I suppose, though I should try to improve my rowing speed. My shoulder touches were pretty efficient I think! Oh, and speaking of which, I think I improved on them; can go nearer to the wall to do them now! :D

Tried a bit of strapless rowing right at the start of the WOD. But seriously impossible hahaha. Ok, possible if I slow down by A LOT. Because there’s no straps to keep myself in place, I can’t even lean back when pulling back >< Legs just fly off and it’s possible to lose balance on the rower :P Hahahaha.


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