CF log 01/11/14 (Sa)

Ok, this is the last consecutive day I will be going for cf haha. Feeling kinda shagged already; 9 days of cf in a row :P

Coach Xin took class today so our warm-up was not running one round around the building hahaha.


“Cindy” – AMRAP for 5 min
5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 air squats

Did 4 rounds of this! First round I used a thin blue band for the pull-ups. But subsequently, I saw that most people were not using bands, even those who would normally use bands :P They were doing jumping pull-ups. So I did that too! It was just for 5 anyway hahaha. The jumping pull-ups were not too bad I guess!


17 min to establish 3 RM power snatch [36.1kg]
17 min to establish 3 RM power C&J [40.2kg]

Yay! Realised I PR-ed my power snatches ^^ Previously was only 30kg! But that was eons ago hahaha. For the C&Js, I tried to use 42.7kg, but could only manage like 1 RM :P hahaha. Somehow I think my arms are quite tired today. My triceps are achy, and my shoulders are kinda tight :X


4 rounds –
2-min ME burpees [28+28+29+28=113]
30-sec rest

P.S. Our Halloween design of the word “WOD” is still on the board! But pictures erased of course, for space to write the WOD haha xD

Went for bak kut teh breakfast with Ian, David and Danny today! Shiokkk! :D I love bak kut teh. I was supposed to have that for dinner, but since it was suggested for breakfast, I just went ahead and I’ll just have something else for dinner haha!


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