CF log 03/11/14 (M)

Back to cf! Wasn’t too bad today. PR-ed my squat clean and split jerk!! :D Up-ed by ~4kg for each of them :)


5 x 1 (squat) clean & (split) jerk [worked up to 49.3kg; then did a clean at 51.8kg but could not jerk it]
4 x 5 front squat [1x 55.9kg, 3x 60.5kg]

Felt so tired after the front squats :P Now I know why. Apparently it seems that my PR is only 63kg (don’t think is for 1 RM though, but still haha) :O So the 60kg weight was really quite close to my limit alr :P And as Anny was saying maybe about 90%? I think so haha.


800m run
40 dual KB C&Js (24/16kg) [8kg]
800m run

I suck at the KB stuff >< Hence the light weight of 8kg used heh. Overall, wasn’t very tiring I suppose.


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