CF log 06/11/14 (Th)

My last CF log……

For the next 5 days :O haha! Because Coaches going off to watch the invitationals! So, box closed. And I’m not planning on visiting other boxes. Will just do my own exercising. For now it’s probably rowing tomorrow, rest on Saturday, and GE 21km run on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday are still free haha. Erm, likely rowing again? :P

Decided to go today because of the long 5 day no-crossfit break; even though my left arm/shoulder was still achy and I still cannot pull up my pants without feeling the strain :P My right shoulder’s recovered though ^^

But I was partner-less today. Anny didn’t come :( Hahaha. And I think I sort of used slightly lighter weights cos of that xD No one to push me hahaha. Ok, partly cos idk how much weight I can add too. Like I always forget what weights I used before doing the same exercise, so sometimes I end up adding less than what I can actually do :P On the other hand, with my partner, she usually does heavier weights than I do, so I end up pushing more hahaha!


5 x 3 pause back squat [2x 60.5kg, 2x 65.5kg, 1x 69.5kg]
4 x 3 push jerk [2x 37.7kg, 2x 42.7kg]
1 x ME push jerk @ 95% [5 reps 40.2kg]


3 rounds –
300m run
12 OH squats (70/50kg) [1x 28.6kg, 2x 33.6kg]
9 MUs [9 pull-ups (thin blue) & 9 ring dips (thin red)]

Actually, the WOD was ok. Probably cos I can’t do MUs, so the only really tough part was the OH squats. Mine are quite lousy so I didn’t use anything close to rx :X I took sort of took my time doing this WOD and still finished the same time everyone did haha. Maybe cos there were so little people today and we were all kinda chilling and WOD-ing :P Or maybe my weight was too light :P But really, while doing the OH squats, I could feel myself a little shaky haha.


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