Interview/job update

Well, I just feel like blogging haha. No CF logs, so I guess it’s a post about a snippet of my life.

I’ll not be having anymore more hospital interviews for a while. Went to TTSH 3 times to interview for RA positions in different departments. The first one was a flop because it was my very first interview in a long while; blogged about it here. Then the second one was ridiculous because I think the person-in-charge did not read my resume properly before calling me down, and when I went, she actually told me (just a few minutes into the interview) that I’m actually quite far off from who they are looking for. To me it was just, THEN WHY CALL ME FOR AN INTERVIEW? It was quite annoying actually. Thankfully the HR was nice enough to pass on my resume, and that lead me to my third interview, which I actually got accepted for (yay!). But I rejected it after some consideration (not gonna go into my reasons here haha).

I’ve got more opportunities in the pipeline though! Specifically MOH (just had a test and interview), MOE (interviewing next week), SCDF (apparently they are shortlisting people for the first round now, and I think I should get it at least for the first cut?? :P), and lastly an unrelated field – Management Associate (MA) position in UOB. I seriously have NO IDEA how I got shortlisted for the last one because I remember thinking that the online application was so cumbersome and just closed it without completing it haha. But anyway, I just did the online test for that and I’ve still got an online video interview (no idea how that works yet) to go. Got an email with a link on it, but it’s so weird talking to nobody for an interview… apparently answers are timed for that. Needa go into it and read the instructions before I’ll know. I’ll probably do that tomorrow. I don’t think I can manage two interviews in a day :P

So just wanted to write a bit about my experience applying for the MOH position. Yes, it’s research-related too. The “first round” was a chat with the director of the department I would be working in. When I was called up for the “chat”, I really thought it was just another word for interview and the person did not wanna make it sound scary or anything. But when I went, it was really just an informal chat where the director shared about the position and asked a few basic interview-ish questions. But the setting and feel was really quite informal and comfortable, not much pressure at all. And to add-on, the director was a nice guy, smiley and attentive to whatever I was saying (though maybe he was bored and just didn’t show it, but still good!) haha. He told me about the selection process too; after the chat then would come the panel interview (then selected if successful).

A few days later (less than a week), I was called up for the interview. I can’t say whether I expected it or not, it was hard to tell from the chat. But I do know they were looking to fill the position fast? Haha. Actually when I was called for the chat, I already thought that they just called me because they desperately needed someone, so they just did it anyhow :X (ya, no confidence in myself hahaha).

So anyway, the interview was today. There was a test component too; test before interview. In the email, they said “aptitude test”. What do you think of when you see the word “aptitude”? For me (and other people I talked to), it gave the impression that it was those sort of IQ/general intelligence/knowledge MCQ-style test. I was so happy! Hahaha. I was thinking that this was so much better than an essay or something about maybe some healthcare policy (because MOH) etc. But to my horror, when I went this morning (8:15am – DAMN EARLY), I was given an essay question, yes healthcare related. I was thinking: shit. Thankfully I was able to smoke about 2 pages worth of words within the one hour time limit; whether they make sense or not is another story ><

Then the interview. Panel of four with two from HR and two related to the department I would be working in. I don’t really know what to make of it. Honestly, I was really scared of the test and interview today; more so the interview because I was under the impression that the test was my definition of an “aptitude test” (by the time I knew it was an essay, too late to be scared anyway). But once I went in and the session began, I think I was less scared and tried to speak as confidently as I could as though it was just a casual conversation. Only one person was quite intimidating though, and I felt disliked hahaha. Other than that it was ok, everyone else was all smiley and friendly. I think that helps in an interview even though they may just be all artificial expressions by the interviewers hahaha. I’ll know in 1-2 weeks if I’m successful. Well, I’ll just see how it goes then take it from there!

On another note, I can’t wait to go back to crossfit tomorrow! Coaches are back from watching the invitationals :D I watched them online, and omg so exciting! Can’t imagine how it must feel live! :D


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