CF log 18/11/14 (Tu)

Getting lazier to type my logs with short intros about the day/thoughts etc. So they’re all starting to become quite chop-chop and super focused on just the exercises and the weights I used :X Boring hahaha. But that’s the main point of logging anyway, and shouldn’t logging be quite a hassle-free process? Hahaha (seriously tho, I’m just lazy :P).


5 x 1 above knee snatch [4x 31.1kg, 1x 33.6kg]
3 x 3 UB hang snatch [2x 28.6kg, 1x 31.1kg]
4 x 5 front squat [2x 51.3kg, 2x 56.3kg]

Felt that the snatch numbers were pretty lousy today :P


5 rounds –
20-cal row
20 wall balls [6kg]

Finished in about 16min! No timer, so no idea what was the exact timing. The rx for wall balls were 14lbs, which I calculated to be 6.3kg.. didn’t know. And I don’t think we used to have 14lbs balls so I always took the 6kg; and that is usually taken as rx for girls. Maybe with that added 300g I would have been slightly slower. Who knew. A bit less happy about my timing after realising the 300g diff >< Then again, maybe the kg numbers on the balls are just an estimate.. I mean they are not rounded to 1 d.p. or something; so the 6kg, could really mean 14lbs (6.3kg) :P Oh well.

Whatever, I’m just kinda moody and irritable today.


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