CF log 19/11/14 (W)


3 x 3 hang clean [46.8kg]
4 x 3 push press [2x 33.6kg, 2x 36.1kg]

I was quite happy with my hang cleans. Somehow felt good doing it at that weight today though I’m not sure if I’ve gone heavier for 3 x 3s before (needa check…). Think I can actually try a little heavier next time! That weight actually felt ok except for the part where the bar goes done again; I keep slamming them on my thighs and with that weight, it hurts. I need better get-the-bar-down techniques :P


Power snatch (30kg) [28.6kg]
Burpee box jumps
Bar MUs

Erm, as usual, the 28.6kg is kinda considered rx….. cos 15lbs per side. But maybe I should add those 1.25kg plates on each side next time, idk. I should not care about such minute differences right? I should not be so nit-picky cos I’m no pro-athlete or anything… hahaha. I mean, it’s close enough.

I did the probably the first progression for bar MUs today! Jumped from a box and pushed myself up on the bar. So basically bar MU starting on a higher platform hehe. It was fun! I’m actually quite excited to try it again, possibly with a higher bar at the same platform height next time ^^

Most tiring part today was the burpees for me. But overall I though this WOD was ok though quite a few other people said it was damn tiring. I thought there have been more shag WODs. Maybe cos I didn’t do the actual bar MUs… haha.

Anny and I tried to finish the WOD asap so we could prep Jon’s bday surprise. Was a mini quick one cos David and Ian had to rush off haha. Anny wanted to smash whipped cream on Jon but that part was really fail till Bobby held on to Jon by tricking him into a hug. Hahaha, nice!


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