CF log 20/11/14 (Th)


5 x 3 push jerk
4 x 3 pause back squat

(Forgot to log earlier, and now I forgot the weights I used :P)


(1) 5-min AMRAP –
Rope climb
25 DUs
[completed 5 rounds]

(2) 3 rounds –
10 box step up with barbell (35kg) [28.6kg]
15 TTB
20 push press (35kg) [28.6kg]
[took about 20min or slightly less]

The box step up thing was harder than I thought it would be! I don’t mean that it’s very challenging or anything – it’s manageable, just that I thought it was easier. Haha. Expends more effort than I thought it would :P Could have gone a little heavier, but I would not be able to manage my push presses then ><

Was pretty pleased with my 5 rounds in the 5-min AMRAP! Seriously thought I would manage less especially cos of the DUs. I’m quite sure I can do more rounds if my DUs and stamina improved further! Hahaha. (Cos I did rest a little bit and tripped on my DUs though it was just 25 at each time haha)


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