CF log 23/11/14 (Sa)


Death by burpees 7-min


10 x 3 back squat [3 sets work up from 51.4kg, 4th set onwards 69.5kg]


2 rounds –
Death by squat cleans 10-min (scale down from 50 to 40 to 30kg)

These “death by” stuff were quite interesting today! Didn’t follow the outlaw programming this time :D The warm-ups were ok. We just did an additional 2 burpees at each minute starting from 2 burpees in the first minute.

The death by squat cleans were really a killer though! For each minute we had to do an additional squat clean, so for 10 minutes, it was like doing 1 to 10 squat cleans per minute respectively. I was under the impression that all 10 rounds had to be done with the same weight, so I started with 40.2kg for the first round of 1-10, then dropped to 31.1kg for the next round of 1-10. After the WOD, I found out that it need not be done with the same weight all 10 rounds; and we could/supposed to scale down upon failure (e.g., cannot complete 8 reps in the 8th minute). I was like oh man, could have started with the rx of 50kg! Hahaha. But Coach was telling us either way we would still die, so it’s ok, still death by squat cleans hahaha. True :P I was seriously dying after finishing and I did not even complete the entire 1-10.

For the first round with 40.2kg, I didn’t miss reps all the way to 7 at the 7th minute. Then the 8th to 10th minute was just… died. Haha. Could only do 9 reps in total :P Then for the 2nd round with 31.1kg, I managed all the reps from 1 to 8. Then I did 7 on the 9th minute, and the 10th minute was just… gone haha. Coach also stopped the timer. If it was still running, I think I probably did like 4-5 reps only at the last minute. But we were made to complete all 10 reps, since it was the last 10 anyway.

Was a nice challenging interesting workout today! :D Super shagged, back and legs super tired/achy, but fun :D


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