Swissotel vertical marathon 2014

First time doing a vertical marathon! So I thought I’d just blog a short post about it (just like how I did for my first ever trail run here).

I was invited by Yishi to sign up for it together with her. I was hesitant at first because I already had quite a number of runs planned out around the end of this year, and I already spent quite a bit on running events :P But I thought it was something new, and since it was just $50… why not? So I went ahead :D

Honestly I wasn’t super excited about the event or anything. And I didn’t think it would be that hard… I mean, it’s stairs, something we climb everyday, just many many more of it. 73 stories with 1336 steps (I think) haha. And I thought, at most I’d just walk up leisurely.. how hard could it be? But I admit I was a little afraid that my knees would hurt cos climbing stairs puts quite a bit of strain on knees generally, and my knees are not exactly the strongest – I use knee support/tape during marathons otherwise I’d probably collapse halfway haha.

So before the event this morning, my mum asked if I wanted to use knee supports. I decided against it, partly cos I was too lazy to go grab them. And Yishi actually told me she finished climbing in about 16 minutes last year, so I thought if it was only 16 minutes, I should be ok… Haha.


Then it was time for the event. Started out pretty ok, then I got tired and breathless VERY quickly; I think before I even got to 10 storeys. For a fleeting moment, I wondered how I was going to finish climbing 73 storeys. At that point, I was stepping on every single step of the stairs.

So I decided to try skipping stairs subsequently, thinking it would be less tiring. And, it was! :D So I managed to catch my breath while staying on the move. I figured that the little bounce made on every step as you “run” up the stairs would make me breathless pretty quickly. By skipping stairs/taking bigger steps, my legs could move at a slower pace yet cover the same number of steps/”distance” within a certain x amount of time. And… that skipping steps thing took my through the rest of the stairs. Yishi and I were keeping pace with each other throughout so yay! :D Didn’t go too far from each other.

In the end, we completed the event under 15 minutes! :D That’s just a rough estimate. Can’t wait for the timings to be out to take a look at it! Hahaha.

Here’s us at the top!

2014-11-23 17.37.56-1

Would I go again next year? Maybe! Hopefully get a better timing if I’m running as an individual. Maybe I should even aim for top 3…. HAHA. It’s actually one event that I do believe is actually possible to set that kinda goal :P Ok, maybe I should just aim for <10 min finish first… hahaha. How ambitious ><


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