CF log 25/11/14 (Tu)


5 x 1 hang snatch [worked up to 37.7kg]
3 x ME UB full snatch [3-5-5 reps at 33.6kg]
4 x 3 front squat [2x 54.1kg, 2x 58.6kg]

I really think I could have gone heavier with my hang snatches. Maybe could have even PR-ed today cos I felt very stable! Until Coach came to watch Anny and I snatch towards the end, then I got stressed after adding weight to 40.2kg… and I couldn’t lift :P In fact, I did some dangerous lifts omg >< Like, the bar landed on my head. Almost :O


7 rounds –
200m row
5 pull ups* [jumping]
5 ring dips* [thin red]
*actual exercise: -1 ME MUs

Yay completed it in less than 20min (or close to it at most)! :D Rowed faster than my usual 2:15min/500m speed. Maybe I have improved in rowing…. Hahaha. Ok, actually I think it’s largely cos it’s just 200m :P Anyway I tried jumping pull-ups today! Because it was just 5 reps per round. Yay progression ^^


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