CF log 29/11/14 (Sa)


5 x 1 (full) clean & (split) jerk [worked up to 51.8kg]
5 x 3 front squat [60.9kg]


“Nasty girls”
3 rounds –
50 pistols (25L, 25R)
7 pull-ups [jumping] & 7 ring dips* [thin red band]
10 hang power cleans (50kg) [42.7kg]
*actual exercise: 7 MUs

I took more than 20 minutes to finish the WOD :P Not sure exactly how long but should be within 25 minutes! I think the power cleans slowed me down. I actually find hang power cleans quite challenging because of the smaller range of motion… so kinda like less “power” to clean the bar haha. But I guess I feel quite ok with the weight I used today :) And my pistols were not bad though I did what I feel is the “cheat” way, which is holding the extended leg when I’m going up and down haha. I think that makes the pistol squats easier :P There were a few reps I did without holding my leg though! I shall try to improve further on pistols so I can do it “freehand” next time!


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