CF log 30/11/14 (Su)

Went for the morning yoga stretch class again today after quite a long time! Felt good to be stretching all those muscles again! :D Today’s WOD following the yoga class was a standard one with tyre flips. Been a while since we did that too.


10-to-1 tyre flips
Run 1 building lap after each set of flips

Flipped the 350 lbs tyre with Anny and it was the fastest I ever managed to finish the WOD haha! Usually I finish after the one hour session is up :P

During our tyre flip warm-up, some guy saw both of us going for the 350 lbs tyre and doubted (aloud) that we could flip it. Then David was saying something like don’t anyhow think we cannot flip the tyre; and Anny and I just flipped it over haha. In his face! :P Feels good to prove people wrong hahaha. I love it when things like that happen xD


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