CF log 25/12/14 (Thu)

It’s been ages since I had a log, because I was overseas! To the land of crossfit, USA :D I visited 2 boxes there too, one in LA and the other in LV. Don’t think I will be logging the WODs I did there. But I did PR my full snatch! Managed a 1 RM 90lbs snatch, which is about 40.9kg :) (up-ed from my previous

So anyway, it was Christmas WOD today – “12 days of Christmas”. And it’s so nice to see all my morning crew peeps again (idk why we suddenly called ourselves the morning crew hahaha) :D There was a christmas lunch party after today’s WOD but I didn’t stay long enough to watch the gift exchange. I didn’t intend to stay for the lunch, much less the gift exchange, anyway. Nonetheless I did cos it was just nice to catch up with the crew ^^ <3


12 days of Christmas –
1x C&J (40kg) [37.7kg]
2x deadlift (40kg) [37.7kg]
3x burpees
4x pull-ups (jumping)
5x box jumps (20″) [20″]
6x pistols (3L/3R)
7x KB swings (16kg) [16kg]
8x wall balls (14lbs) [14lbs]
9x toes-to-bar
10x HSPUs
11x sit-ups
12x thrusters (40kg) [33.6kg]

So how the WOD went was: first round – first exercise, second round – first AND second exercise, third round – first, second, third exercise…. and etc. So you had to repeat all the exercises you did in the previous round, then add on a new exercise every round. Because we had to share bars in pairs (too many people and too little space!), one partner would do the intended format of the WOD, while the other partner starts from “round 12” (i.e., thrusters) and reduces one exercise with each round. I did the intended version. Took super long >< Probably about 45min :P When I hit thrusters I just couldn’t do it at 37.7kg anymore (my thrusters have been stagnant at 37.7kg for a long time too ><). On hindsight, maybe starting with the thrusters would be easier, because it’s decreasing reps and you get the hard stuff out of the way haha. But anyway, workout today was good! :D Happy that I completed it, with the morning crew cheering me on during my last few thrusters when I felt like dying haha <3


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