CF log 26/12/14 (F)

It’s not the usual strength day today. Did some WOD instead! And strangely enough, I didn’t really ache at all when I went for class today (cos of ytd’s WOD). But after today, my thighs feel really tight and sore :O DOMS I guess ><


Back squat work up to 1RM [74.5kg]
Push press work up to 3RM [33.6kg]
Clean complex (3 p clean, 2 f squat, 1 push jerk) work up to 1RM [42.7kg]

Dang, I have no idea how I managed 79.3kg for my b squat before :/ (hopefully wasn’t calculation error!) I was almost dying at the 74.5kg rep! I shall just comfort myself by saying that it’s cos I’ve been eating a lot and working out much less when I was on holiday :X hahahah.

And my push press! I actually hit 42.7kg before?? :O Unbelievable hahaha. (though it was prob a 1RM but still?!) Indeed, I must have lost some muscle mass the past 2 weeks :P #excuses #ormaybetrue

Ok well, at least my C&Js were not too bad? :P haha.


10 assisted MUs
20 pull-ups and ring dips

It was supposed to be just 30 MUs for time. But can’t do MUs, so tried the assisted one (aka banded)! First time ever haha. Felt a bit weird :P But it was really quite tiring >< That’s why I stopped at 10 and did the usual replacement for MUs: pull-ups and ring dips for the remaining 20 haha.


5-4-3-2-1 C&J [37.7kg]
50-40-30-20-10 DUs
Alternate both exercises, start with C&J
[finished in 8:37]

Did this together with Anny, Jon and David. All of them were doing it at more or less the same pace as each other but I was totally lagging :P haha. It was more tiring than I thought it would be! I was supposed to be doing C&Js at 40kg, but I already failed at the 3rd rep :O So I just dropped it >< Partly decided to do this extra workout today cos I won’t be going for my 7am classes anymore = no seeing my 7am crew on weekday mornings = no more staying back for extra WODs :( Boo working life.


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