CF log 04/01/14 (Sun)


14-min alternate EMOM:
1) 5 burpee box jump
2) 3 UB hang p clean [42.7kg]

Push jerks 5 reps (based on 1RM clean?)
1 x 50% [28.6kg]
1 x 60% [31.1kg]
1 x 70% [37.7kg]
2 x 75% [42.7kg x4, 40.2kg x3]
1 x 70% [37.7kg]

For the 75% sets of the jerks, I didn’t manage to do 5 reps for either of the weights :/ Maybe should have just done them at 40.2kg for both sets cos I think the 42.7kg tired me out :P Partner was doing it at that weight that’s why I decided to try. But it failed, oh well! D: Need to stop making myself do weights that result in failure reps (when there should be no failure reps) ><


150 DUs
50 TTB
100 DUs
25 MUs [jumping pull ups & ring dips with thin blue band]
50 DUs

Happy about having to do DUs again cos I get to practise with my new rope. I did mix in some singles (2 = 1 DU) as well when I realised I kept tripping on my rope -.- Still haven’t got it to the optimum length; plus when I was doing the first 150 DUs, the tiny metal screw stopper thing on the rope fell out (such that the rope and handle separated), then when Xin screwed it back on for me it was at a different spot so the rope length was longer than I originally had it. Time for readjustment again!


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