CF log 09/01/15 (Fri)

What we did today (since I took a pic haha):



Hang snatches [2x 70#, 5x 65#]
Tried my best to string at least 3-2 for most of the sets!

I did more singles that DUs for the EMOM :( I need to practise my DUs with my rope on my own and seriously find the right length/technique already!!! D:<

Jerks [65# – 75# – 80# – 85# – 80#]
Maybeeee could have went slightly heavier? Did heavier last week; went up to about 90# haha.


Did in this order: KB, C2B, complex. Finished at 9/21 of the C2Bs (almost finished one round of the whole thing! just had the rest of the 12 C2Bs to go, which I completed at my own pace after the time-cap).

Anyway, scaled down the whole thing:

KB swings [16kg]
C2B [jumping pull-ups]
Complex [1st set 60#, 2nd set 55#]

For KBs, thought of using the 20kg KB before I started but decided to just do a round with 16kg first cos that’s what my partner took. After one round, decided 16kg was good enough :P For the complex, I think the weight I used was quite pathetic :P hahaha (i mean the rx is 50kg~110#???). So, supposed to string the 3 complex together but I seriously couldn’t even with the weight I used omg :P

After this post, I feel like I should take pics of all the WODs and just paste them as pics instead of typing them out :P #LAZY


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