CF log 23/01/15 (Fri)


14-min alt EMOM –
5 hang squat snatch [70#]
10 box jump overs [18″]

Managed to TnG snatches for all the sets except 2nd (or 3rd) one when I did 4-1. Somehow my grip was a little off that’s why :P hahaha. Did a (very) slightly heavier weight today; increased by just 5# ><

Seriously, too many snatches these days. I hook grip them so my thumb blister never heals. At this rate my thumb’s gonna rot and fall out :P HAHAHA.

Front squat + jerk
1 x 5+3 @ 70% [85#]
1 x 5+3 @ 80% [90#]
1 x 5+2 @ 85% [95#]
2 x 5+1 @ 90% [100#]
1 x 5+2 @ 85% [95#]

Not too bad today. I thought I tried to push it a little by going a little heavier than the previous time(s). I based it on about 50kg cleans again. I was quite happy with the weights I used cos I thought I was pretty stable even at the heavier reps! Sometimes even when I follow the %, I would still feel a little shakey for the higher %; but not today :)


10-min AMRAP –
200 DUs
100 wall balls
Remaining time ME MUs

Didn’t even get to the ME MUs part hahaha. Started with wall balls cos I thought if I were to finish 200 DUs first, I would have so little time for the wall balls which I think I can do better at. Finished the wall balls in about 6+/7 min I think…. then went on to DUs and only did 110 hahaha. One, I was quite tired from wall balls. Two, DUs are just quite tiring (and slow) for me :P

2-min AMRAP deadlifts (85kg) [140#~62kg; 24 reps]

Did (very) slightly heavier for this too; 5# again :P After I finished I regretted. Recovered so fast I should have tried 10# up and go for 65kg instead hahaha (it was 135#~60kg last week).


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