CF log 24/01/15 (Sat)

Simple log today. No strength/skill component, just the WOD.


“Crossfit games opens workout 14.5”
Thrusters [(65#)]
Burpee over bar
[completed in 18:32]

Improved by 2-min from 20:39 previously hehe  (^・ω・^ ) I think it’s also cos the last time we did 14.5, we had the strength/skill component before doing the workout. Today we did it with full energy level hahahah xD I keep wondering if I miscounted anything :X But I think a 2-min improvement is not unbelieveable…. I mean I felt like I did it quite fast this time too (as compared to before) :P hahaha.


2 thoughts on “CF log 24/01/15 (Sat)

    1. Thank you! My box adapts workouts from and it’s getting pretty intensive now leading up to the opens 2015!

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