CF log 25/01/15 (Sun)

Today we had a choice (again) to do either prowlers or tyre flips; I think cos there were too many people :O I chose prowlers cos – 1. It’s been ages since I did them (searching my blog for “prowlers”, I can’t even find a record…. how is that possible :/), and 2. The first thing Anny said when given the choice was “of course prowlers” :P So I was swayed to do it too hahahaha. Seriously though, prowlers do feel like a more strenuous workout than tyre flips. And strenuous is good…. especially for weekends when I eat more :P haha.

P.S. I did the yoga/stretch class before this too ^^


5 rounds –
25 GHDs
Prowlers [62kg]
25 KB swings [16kg]

I pushed Anny for the prowlers (and she pushed me); so about 60+kg prowlers today :) I’m about 58kg hehe. The prowlers and GHD combo usually makes me feel like puking during/after the workout, but not so much today. Feels as if I have improved in some sense and gotten more used to this combo (even though it’s been forever since I did it) hahaha. There were even KB swings this time and it didn’t feel too bad! Maybe I should have used the 20kg KB like Anny did right hahaha (I might have felt like fainting/puking then). Nonetheless quite happy with the workout today :D


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