CF log 31/01/15 (Sat)

Laziness strikes again :P hahahaha. Posting photo of workout today.

2015-01-31 10.03.17


Jerks [85#]
Halting clean pull [85#]

Partnered this girl called Julie today who is really strong for her size! Slightly taller than me and much leaner and defined (which I think makes her look skinnier than me… really she just looks like all muscle). She did her jerks at 90# and the same weight as I did for the halting clean pulls, but her form looks really good and I think she may have been able to go heavier if she wanted to.


Crossfit MNL Hero WOD
[finished in 21:04]

The 20-min AMRAP became like a 1 round for time kinda thing…. oops :P hahaha.

Before class today, when I saw that we were doing thrusters again, I was like omggggg. Seriously, the ONE thing that I did yesterday and didn’t want to do today was thrusters, and there HAD to be thrusters. 44 at that!! Luckily it was at a lower weight than yesterday and I could do  the rx of 65#~30kg :) Broke them up into sets of 5.

I think I took pretty long for my run; was really slow at the start haha :P Julie was fast; she finished one round of the workout before I did and probably within the 20 min! As I was running, the gap between us got wider and wider till I couldn’t see her anymore so… she probably lapped me hahaha ><

Overall still quite happy today cos when I did my rope climb, I think Coach was watching me. Then when I succeeded scaling up and down smoothly, she said to me “wah you mastered the art of rope climbing alr ah!” hahaha. I was just like “errr, maybe.. a little?” – whatever I meant >< Anyway it was just one climb so I still had energy (though I did the 25 burpee T2B first). Hard to tell if I’ve really got it yet! But I did feel more comfortable with the rope today than previous times :) Took 2 pulls and a little more to get all the way up! 2 pulls would probably have been possible though haha.


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