CF log 02/02/15 (Mon)


5-min EMOM 5 power snatch [in #: 65-70-70-75-75]
4 x complex: 3 snatch balance + 5 OHS [in #: 75-70-70-70]

Quite happy with my 75# power snatches cos I TnG-ed all of them :)

As I’m typing this post, I’m thinking again whether it was supposed to be a 4 x complex or a 4 x 3 complex :P Cos my partner and I did the former, but now that I think about it, when the workout was being explained, it sounded like the latter hahaha. Then again, when I read the outlaw blog, I thought it was the former (i.e., what we did) >< Confused hahaha xD But what’s done is done! The 75# complex was really too heavy for me; I probably compromised my form a little >< Didn’t get comments that I was lobsided or anything throughout the complexes so maybe it’s ok?? Or maybe it’s in a tolerable range, or can only be seen from certain angles…. hahaha :P


15-min AMRAP –
50 6″ target burpees
50 thrusters (45#) [55#]
[did 1 round and 25 burpees]

There was also supposed to be a 5-min AMRAP after this with 20 6″ target burpees and 20 thrusters (65#). But there was no time so we skipped that. When I saw thrusters again for WOD today I was like omgggg. This is the third time in a row that I’m doing thrusters for a WOD. And just recently we also did the 14.5 games workout ><

Anyway, for this 15-min AMRAP that was done, the rx was supposed to be just 45# (i.e., attaching only the clamps weight). But Coach asked me to add 10# a side (55#) and subsequently said actually if she were me she would add 15# a side (65# – rx weight for the 5-min AMRAP actually). And of course, this means she wanted me to add 15#…. HAHA. So eventually I did. Actually I feel that it’s really cos of the burpees that makes the thrusters even more tiring than they should be. But well, I still managed to complete one round of it so it’s not too bad :P

I started earlier than the timer and I think by the time it started I already had 12-13 burpees done. Though I ended earlier too (by a minute), I think my last 25 burpees is not a super accurate count. But it’s definitely at least 20!


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