CF log 07/02/15 (Sat)


14-min alt EMOM –
1 x 3-position clean (full, hang, power) [started with 85#; increased # every set to 100# for the last 3 sets]
10 ring dips [banded]

I was actually quite satisfied I managed the cleans at 100#~45kg. Should try doing it for more sets next time cos the 100# actually felt pretty ok since it was only 1 round of the 3-position thing haha. (Though my last set was pretty ugly in a sense that could see/feel myself struggling a bit – but I think it was still manageable/pushed a bit?)


“Nasty girls”
3 rounds –
50 pistols (25L/25R)
7 MUs [scaled down to jumping pull-ups and banded ring dips]
10 hang power clean (70/50kg) [1x 85#~37.7kg, 2x 90#~40.2kg]
[finished in 22:21]

Pretty slow haha. And I realised my timing is quite similar to the last time I did it in end Nov 2014 (here) even though I used a lighter weight for the cleans! REGRET. Should have gone heavier! Cos I partnered Belle last time, who is stronger than me so I worked with her weight. But today I partnered Ying and I went heavier than her, but still not quite as heavy as my last time. OH MAAAN D: hahaha.


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